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About the Project

The Problem: Firearms Death, Injury and Crime in Quebec

Canada's Firearms Legislation

Suicide and Firearms

Youth and Firearms

Domestic Violence and Firearms

Policing and Firearms

Rural Areas and Firearms

Summary of Implementation Strategies

Project Evaluation
Community Based Firearms Crime and Injury Prevention Strategy in Quebec

Firearms are a leading cause of death killing more than 200 people in Quebec each year. They also figure prominently in robberies and other forms of violence, suicides and unintentional injury.

In 1995 Canada passed new gun control legislation which requires licensing of all firearm owners, registration of all firearms, and safe storage of firearms and ammunition.   But laws are only words on paper - effective implementation requires the commitment of a wide range of stakeholders who understand the nature of the firearm problem, the risk factors and the ways in which they can intervene effectively.

This project created in partnership with community based organizations working in criminal justice, policing, domestic violence, public health and education, aims at preventing crime, violence and victimisation with firearms. It has a particular focus on vulnerable populations such as women and youth. The National Crime Prevention Council provided funding for the three year pilot project

The project identified best practises in order to develop tools based on best practices. The strategy focuses on:

  • Raising awareness of the problems of firearms misuse
  • Increasing understanding of the risk factors
  • increasing awareness of the appropriate steps that can be taken when risks are identified
  • Evaluation of the process.
  • Everything you need to establish a cross-sectoral community strategy to address firearm death and injury.

    Planning the workshop
    Conducting the workshop Building Community Awareness News and Press Releases