Everything you need to insert a gun component into an existing violence prevention project. Right click on the links to download:

Definitions of youth gangs

Montreal's gangs, guns and crimes

Youth at risk and gangs in Montreal

How do they get their guns?

Best practices

Youth, Gangs and Guns in Montreal

This project aims at preventing crime, violence and victimization by firearms among young people, especially for those at risk of entering a gang or already in a gang. Although in Montreal crime has been reduced, gang violence is a growing problem and community based approaches seem to be the most effective response. Justice Canada provided funding for this one-year pilot project

In the community, the project responds more specifically to the following needs:
  • Encourage youth to think twice before picking up a gun,
  • Reduce gun crimes, accidents, suicides and victimization,
  • Increase feeling of safety in the community,
  • Reduce accessibility to guns among youth at risk,
  • Incite youth not to join gangs or to leave them,
  • Increase the number of illegal guns returned to police.

    For intervenors, the project responds more specifically to the following needs:
  • Raise awareness on the issue of firearms misuse and youth,
  • Increase understanding of risk factors among youths,
  • Increase awareness of the appropriate steps that can be taken when risks are identified.
  • Everything you need to conduct workshops for intervenors on Youth, Gangs and Guns. Right click on the links to download:

    Conducting the workshop

  • Facilitation guidelines
  • Questions to facilitate
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Follow up planning
  • Evaluation  
  • Other ideas for activities
    • Organise workshops for young boys in your organisation
    • Involve young artists to pass no gun no violence message
    • Encourage youth to sign "gun free life" pledge
    • Encourage youth to keep busy in your community (sport, recreation, arts)
    • Organise a weapon collection program
    Understanding youth culture (Section under construction)